Sunday, 9 January 2011

screen produce...

 A lil sample of todays print efforts.. the screens are from a gocco box style printer, where the screens are created instantly from laser printed black and white images or solid photocopies.. I like the quality of the final image that during the print process can become more textured and have a hand made feel to them... so lil birdie got quite the work out today...a long with mr giraffe..

Fired the 2 kilns today of 12 platters as well, so hopefully a restaurant delivery this week too....that would be good eh...

This afternoon I was making drop molded plates with the hot glue patterned rolling pin, it's kinda groovy with swirls and dots and thingy bits ... I drew some scrolls and lines from some patterns I had and am really liking the line quality, something the glaze will pool into quite nicely..

So that is it the end of my holiday break and back to work tomorrow trying to make this whole clay and work thing happen together pressure really just enough time in the studio to enjoy myself and i'll be happy with that..


  1. you are right back at it again!
    Love the birds they seem to be walking away from all their troubles- just chilling along- no worries.

  2. A friend just got one of these - says it's a box like gocco printer - so I think it's the same thing. I'm going to her studio today to give it a go.

    these are super cute and very inspiring!!

    do you like it better than a the gocco?

  3. Intriguing stuff, Ang. What the hell is a gocco printer? Hmmm ... I guess I'll Google it and see what comes up.

  4. In my transfer pursuit the gocco looked to be the ticket -I'm jealous! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the pieces!! very cool.

  5. ahh cheers guys :))

    linda I dont have one a friend did these for me, its pretty instant but can make large images though...

    hey hollis its a lil asian print machine originally for kids, you can find them in 2nd hand shops sometimes coz they're a bit expensive really..

    i'm looking at some other print processes it just costs the earth to get the product shipped here :)) more on this soon!!

  6. Lil birdies looking lovely, I love the giraffe squares too, what are they going to be?

  7. ahhh ali a suggestion from my niece.. curvey pendants...