Saturday, 31 July 2010

four oh one...

four oh one.. why i blog...this should have been the content of 400 but I was having a 'bad post day'! so I've been pondering for a while on what to write about 'Why I Blog' and being a person of usually few words it is a challenge to be succinct and at the same time interesting...

I heard about this blogging phenomena while at a workshop in town at the jam factory..'there's this guy in the UK who blogs every day about his clay experiences' and that was Doug Fitch...I remember thinking to myself what could you possibly write about everyday about clay?? HA!! well that was some time back now and i seem to have found plenty to write about!

I love getting comments from this great community i now consider great friends and seeing what the planet has been up to while i sleep! Most days i read through those posts that so expectantly appear in my blog list and visit the most amazing places like gorgeous scenery!! I love hearing about the challenges the struggles the amazing firing successes.. the kiln building and man has there been some this year.. I totally love the problem solving that goes on between us, the rawness and the challenges of being a potter or clay artist whatever category you place yourself in, it's all great stuff!!!... Have i said how much i love this media and medium??

I think the distance that the great south land I call home is from everywhere adds to the challenge of communicating in real time... i think i have it figured out the only person apart from my town buds on the same timeline as me is Mr Young in Guam...Hiya 'wave'... Peter is about 3 hours ahead in New Zealand... All you teamsters Meredith, Hollis, Ron, Trace and Judy, F.G, Rae & Michael in the States are about 12hours behind, Cindy our lone Alaskan welder not sure where you are time wise, Patricia and i seem to have the same blogging hours we're always following each other around and Linda i have no idea is Florida ahead or behind an hour??? HA just kidding..and Meagan's back home in the same zone and the UK buds Margaret, Christine, Hannah, Doug, Paul and Andy are about 9 hours behind me...I've enjoyed a few skype chats and scrabble chatter too with some of you buds...
I'm very happy and blessed indeed to participate in such an open and supportive community and am truly chuffed to call you guys friends indeed.. now that's as much mush and waffle you'll get from me for one day!!

So here's my dear friend 'the Derek' doing his thing this morning shooting my online piece for the 'Clay and Blogs - Telling a Story' show... such a super effort from his portable studio, thanks dude you the man!!
Check out his blog too, he's an amazing portrait photographer and all round good guy married to my other bestest friend the lovely Simone who you may remember from the Jazz night!! We took pics of my work which looks great now the lighting stand is out of the way!! pics of the set up, pics of the 'D' man shooting and pics of me looking at the work on my computer behind the setup studio in my kitchen....HA!! anyhoo here it be my online piece for the show, hope you like it....


  1. good morning ang! Lovely post and you state many of the best reasons we blog.
    It is an interesting community that has formed through the blogs.
    And I am like you-I love to see what your world has done while I was sleeping.... you are my cup of Joe in the morning-my wake up with.
    Great tile for the show.

  2. good evening meredith, i sent a back up email to you for the online show also but hopefully i've followed the instructions correctly! :)) cheers enjoy your breaky, hope the weather is fine it's bucketting down and the rainwater tanks are full i can hear them overflowing from here... have a great day!!

  3. Love that piece! Is it a wall hanging?

  4. morning mr philips, sure is and cheers..!

  5. said it so well..what a great world-wide community that we get to learn about and appreciate everyones work in clay..It is a treat to check out the blogs in the morning and figure out who is now sleeping or waking up and beginnng a day in the journey. thank you!..
    Alberta is about 15 hours behind you, so 9:45 p.m. on Saturday the 31st as I write.. Hot summer day today at 25 plus degrees celcius. :)
    ..really like the work you are doing.
    Have a super clay day.
    Cheers from Alberta

  6. And welcome on down trish...It is indeed a treat checking out what peeps have been up to O/N and wow you're keeping warm it's still wet and windy today, i'm just about to head up to the studio to do some more mug handles brrr.. must rug up, thanks for dropping by...

  7. Hiya Ang! Wow, 400 big ones! That's a milestone! Man-o-man, wish I had a good photo buddy nearby to shoot my work. I DO have my cube set-up (now in the kiln room), but have not even clicked one pic. Your tile looks great!

  8. G'day from Guam! (waves from the shade of a palm tree at the beach) I always enjoy reading the blogs first thing in the morning! All the ones from the other side of the world come in during our night.
    I enjoy seeing what you are doing with the tiles, the local clays, and the videos of your kiln firings!
    Happy Mudding!

  9. Hi Ang~

    Great posting! The clay community has always been a generous one and it continues to be so in the digital age.

    My morning routine is to get a big cup of coffee and read through all the postings from the day/night prior...a great way to start the day. However, I'm sure my boss would not be too thrilled ;)


  10. Hey Ang! Your tile for the show looks great!

    And you are so right about the community that blogging creates!


  11. Hey Ang, Congratulations on the 400th!
    Eeek, yes need to get a photo done soon sooon soon...

  12. PS I like the scrabble lettering up the top there.

  13. hey patricia, if you were a tad closer i'm sure derek would love to drop by! hehehe :)

    hey there mr young, ah yes must mix some of that clay soon!

    hiya kathy, luck with the kiln...It's a great morning routine however distracting...

    howdy meagan, hope you're well and settled back home again, you have certainly found some new works to explore..

    hey H how ya doin?? cheers thats a lot of blog photos eh still haven't filled up my quota though...can't wait to see your pics for the show.
    ah yes I used that font for a job and i really like it the numbers apparently aren't correct but it's prob a copyright thing...

  14. lovely post ang and gorgeous tile. even though it sounds like you weren't all that happy with the tiles in the previous post, i really like them... too bad about the one that's split across the middle. there's a certain spontaneous livelihood to them. as far as blogging, i remember thinking the same thing in the beginning... what could i possible think to write about. funny how that works.

  15. Evening Jim..cheers man I have some real gems from that firing I think my expectations were too high and i didn't show you the work that went straight in the bin!! I rarely do that and i think the whole post was jaded by that disappointment, so shook all that off and reloaded for 401!!! :P that cracked one was my fav.. boo

  16. Greetings from the USA, north east coast. We are 5hrs. behind GMT and always enjoy looking in on the far side of the world.
    That is SOME TILE!
    BTW what ever happened with the kiln firing and the Buddah?
    Isn't *always* the favorite that gets screwed up?

  17. hey s.c. cheers, ahh buddah is awaiting the next firing we are rejigging the small gas kiln then getting both kilns approved before the next firings...yeh really shouldn't play favourites until the kiln has had it's last say!! :))

  18. Wow Ang...I seem to have missed the last couple of posts. Fantastic new work, so full of life. Hannah, really love the scrabble lettering...very clever.

    Heres to the next 400!
    Amanda x

  19. hey aj how goes it? busy you look!! cheers matey.. ahh the lettering is a cool font eh found that one as a freebie too..yeh for them...ooh next 400 posts i hope they're good...i'm enjoying very much this post college community, its very encouraging!! cheers sweet!!

  20. I'm glad I read your post, Ang. I just sent Meredith a picture. I guess I've been out of the loop for a while, had my hands in too many foot bowls lately. I like the tile, by the way.

  21. glad you did too michael, it will be so great to see all this work together on one site!! cheers man here's to the completion of those foot bowls.. :)