Friday, 10 September 2010

cups away.....

My fav pic with the cup all lined up 33 of them, I went through the base of the first one trimming... which i threw last sunday afternoon..

I was waiting to go out for a run after lunch but it just wouldn't stop raining... so as the moment took me i kept throwing and 34 cups later I was getting the feel for 4 dif shapes...across this week as they have dried I thought about how to handle them, they were always going to be large handles and I did consider a whole loop of clay but it just stood too far out from the form.. the answer take a slice out of the middle.. that break in the clay is a familiar handle and i like it more on some than others...

we'll see after the firing! these will be B7 my white standard glaze c9 and shino of course some of the dark clay will get slipped inside for some variation and maybe a dark slip inside some of the white ones!! who knows who i'll be channeling when the slipping time comes?? :))

While I'm waiting for some large images to upload just thought i'd share my lunchtime soup recipe..
The images are fairly large so a click should show you the real picture!

Curried Pumpkin Soup

1/2 large butternut pumpkin saute in a little oil first
4 potatoes
about 1.5 litres water
2 ts chicken stock powder
D spoon ginger
D spoon of curry powder I use madras
ground black pepper and salt to taste

Cook on down until veg are tender, taste test and season accordingly and remove from heat.. while that's cooling I cook up some flat rice noodles 4 mins should do it in boiling water..remove and wash in cold water..
Wiz down the soup with a hand held blender and add the noodles..

And as you can see everything is under plastic i have about 10 teapots on the go plus all these cups drying the handles off slowly and 2 commissions waiting mmm better get to it!!

I'm also waiting eagerly so hear if my package has arrived at the blog show, The Campbell Gallery NC....hmmm should be there Monday i hope :))


  1. Can't wait to get the wheel going and get lost in the time warp of throwing....
    Great cups!

  2. Love seeing all those cups lined up! And that soup sounds yummy!

  3. I make a similar soup with sweet potatoes, it's about to be that time of year around here for yummy soups, it's pretty chilly outside this morning! Love photos of lots of pots grouped together like your cup photos, much more interesting that way, don't you think?

  4. hey there mr y yeh get cranking..

    hi judy, feels so good to get in the groove with throwing..

    hey trace, mmm soup is good!! had 2 serves is good to have a herd of cups all out on the table and capture them too.. you're right about uploading large images it took a good 45 mins..

  5. Oh- great mugs and a recipe my favorite type of blog- throw in some kids and puppies!
    Looking good ang

  6. all those mugs and soup... hmmmm... you could start a soup kitchen! I love the look of the mugs all lined up. Grand!

  7. hi meredith, cheers, I'll have to borrow some kids and puppies then i'd have the complete line up! HA...

    hey patricia, mmm nice thought some are big enough to be soup mugs...

  8. Hey Ang, love the DOF on you first mug shot!!

  9. cheers, i have a thought about some of these...must take the bigcam up to the studio more often..

  10. hi Ang, pumpkin it! we had this sup recently for dinner in the studio. Pumpkin soup mens and of summer here where I live..Like your 33 cups, handles are brilliant! As I can see you watch tv while throwing! I'm kidding:) cheers

  11. hey richard, yeh pumpkin soup there's so many dif vs to make yum!! cheers and the tv's not plugged in yet...HA!!

  12. Fine looking cups, Ang. Sounds like our pots will arrive together at the show. Sorry you won't be there, but it is a bit of a drive for you ...

  13. cheers Hollis, ooh i hope so..hehehehehe thanks for the chuckle...need one of those scuba cars and prob take a few weeks to get there eh???!!