Thursday, 8 April 2010


I do love a good tidy up...
After a massive tidy up of the garden and clean out of my studio last weekend all my glaze ingredients needed to get back on the shelves, so I took the opportunity to sort out duplicates and put up some more shelves... doesn't it look purdy??
And new / old storage shelves in the other corner of the studio for bisque wares. I do have more plans for a ware board rack too but who knows when that will happen as I'm not a fan of the circular saw so will need to wait for some help on that one.. more to do yet but it's getting way more organised in there..

and a sneak peek into kiln 1 today from wednesday's firing a couple of lids for the composite piece fell over but they're not stuck to anything.. I can't wait to unload and get a decent look at the composite piece..I was very aware of not getting any glaze runs in this kiln so the base has disposable glaze catchers a lots of grog to protect the kiln base..

Kiln 2 has the large coil and throw piece which I fired today with some creative roof raising as the piece was very close to the fibre lid.. I used a single thickness of fibre all round and raised the roof just enough to clear the pot. thanks to Jill for this tip.. Will find out soon how it all went and deliver the works to Campbelltown show this weekend.


  1. I thought we only used the word purdy! Must be some of your relatives living over here!
    A good clean up does wonders for the soul.
    Can't wait to see pots!

  2. You have been busy!! :-)

    I already love the glazes on those pieces, can't wait to see them' in the light'...

  3. hey meredith i wrote it with an accent too!! hehehe.. oh yeh so good to clean up...

    hi NK indeed! ah the unvieling soon..

  4. i think that tall vase is looking great already... or purdy already. looks like some dreamy ash glazes going on in there.

  5. hi jim, a little paler than i expected but i did go easy on the glaze app. nice bit of running yeh..