Tuesday, 16 February 2010

sideways does it...

and speaking of sideways apart from the image above if you remember a few aposts back i've turned an old raku bin sideways too after watching a simon leach video of a lil raku kiln he made from a simple cage and fibre...

last year my friend anna made a lil wood burner raku kiln that goes like an absolute rocket, it's made from a bin from ikea lined with fibre and has a firebox at the base so its still an updraft kiln my plan is to combine both of these ideas and make a crossdraft wood fire raku kiln..

when i have a minute to put this all together i'm going to reline the bin leaving the old fibre in place as extra insulation..I'll be using some second hand kiln shelves that i've accumulated here and there..and the old fibre chimney from my gas kiln that will simply sit atop the kiln when firing prob secured on a piece of fibre...the fibre is also from existing stock,so i just need the time now to put this together..

i have some pots ready made to go and some glaze recipes i'd like to expand on the black and white work that i have happening and add some turquoise and maybe a nice green with the same resist idea in the sketches above..

well back to it.. i have a studio full of thrown works from yesterday that need to be trimmed today, pics later!


  1. Love seeing the drawings... fantastic designs.

  2. I can't wait to see the first firing from that kiln. I seem to be slipping farther and farther from traditional kilns, now I'm just using a trash can and sawdust:)

  3. LOVE the colors on your vessel! So fun to see the drawings :o) wonderful work.

  4. hey FG yeh i thought it was time to get back to the B&W drawings...old school..

    hey trace, yeh me too its just too hot to fire we're supposed to be heading for another heatwave, frustrating!!

    hi cindy, that piece has 2 glazes on it the 1st firing wasn't successful so i tossed some turquoise on it and refired..a little thick perhaps but i like the strength of the colour..

  5. What fun about the kiln building. I like the cross draft idea, it will probably take off and go supersonic around your studio... just kidding! Nice drawings and glaze on the sideways pot!

  6. hey peter, hehe now that would be fun!

  7. great glaze combo on you sideways piece. love your drawings as always

  8. really great piece, I happen to love turquoise, but love they way it ran, can't wait to see about the kiln.

  9. Have a look at this-

    He might be someone to talk to about wood fired raku :-)

  10. hey jim just a couple of test anna has surpassed my glaze tech in raku hey are both hers, and lovely..

    hi linda, i think its the only piece that survived that firing , it was pretty quick and shocked most of my pieces..i will slow my kiln down...

    hi gz thanks for dropping by and thanks for the link that was interesting, any questions i have i now know who to ask..