Saturday, 30 January 2010

wood fired raku coming up...

i'm feeling inspired after watching simon leach create a raku kiln out of mesh and fibre... my plan was to build a wood fired raku similar to anna's lil rocket but after watching simon's video i'm thinking get out the angle grinder and cut this baby in half...

so here's the plan and let me know if you have any brainwaves on this...i'm going to create a firebox in the front section of the 'floor' using firebricks we have left over at the club create a raised shelf area horizontally and reclad the fibre on the roof surface..

the chimney will be the cut out hole that already exists in the kiln now and the firebox goes that end too, i'll probably need to put a baffle using fibre for the chimney hole as it might result in no hair no eyebrows otherwise when stoking...


  1. wonderful,can't wait to see the end result.
    Let me know if I can help

  2. hiya anna, oooh sure can! i'm going to attack it tuesday night...

  3. this should be a fun adventure... the kiln in the vid is a sweet little unit. i'll be curious to know how much it ended up costing. a friend and i were making a burnout kiln in school for burning wax out of bronze casting molds and the bottom of the mold for the interior was stuck in the bottom so we poured naphtha in there and let is soak a bit, threw a match in and at just the wrong time we both leaned over the edge and it ignited, blowing our hair back and burning it in place. it burned our eyebrows off and half of his moustache... ah the good ol days

  4. Great video, I'll have to try that glaze. My white crackle is just 80 Gerstely borate, 20 Neph sy, works ok but is sometimes not so white. I liked the recipe you emailed to me as well. Hope to give it a go soon! Thanks for it :) What is your opinion on drinking form those Leach tea bowls?

  5. hey jim you sound like a mad potter too love it... if you dont try stuff you just never learn eh?? i have everything i need to do the kiln so costing would be diff..

    hey trace, you could add a whitener to your recipe..hope the black works out it should be ok as the materials should be the same your end..I wouldn't drink from raku its not water tight, i think SL refers to the form as a tea bowl but not necessarily functional pieces...