Friday, 22 January 2010

getting plastered....

a super time we had yesterday at roses studio, we planned a lil plaster workshop between rose, ali and myself to do some work together and also be influenced by each others processes...i've made some simple slump plate molds, ali made some rather large plate molds and rose got stuck into mr HIIIYA a lil plastic money box that somehow references both sumo wrestlers and astro boy!!!! a complicated piece with lots of undercuts that is now in a 4 piece mold!! we had so much fun with the lil guy his bare bum popping out of the mold work when we flipped the mold over was just too cute!!

ali had to do the kid dash at 3pm so rose and i carried on into the night and a long one it was i got home 11.30pm last night exhausted and quite a cracking head after a very hot day....

checkout the pics of rose swimming in ali's mold cottle and of course my lefte braine righte brain shots of my cottle work i thought for sure i was losing it last night when i couldn't work out what the image was of...quite an interesting image as the cottle work was set up on a large mirror and you get the roof reflection behind the work looking like some corrugated card...i do have fun staring at those kind of images and making them flip backwards and forwards in the negative positive space..

anyhoo, weird not long weekend coming up public holiday on tuesday not monday who's idea was that!!? and market on sunday here's hoping for some lovely weather and a smoking hot crowd!!!


  1. looks like a good way to spend the day. still strange that it's so hot there and not here. i used to love making plaster molds and plaster anything really.

  2. hey jim, v messy process but we had a quick clean up end of the day..ah yes thats what we get for being upside down eh...