Friday, 30 October 2009

tis the season for placky...

here we go a 'lil frydee action'.... works all done for the week and friday is clayday woohoo....

a tad warm but the trustee blower i my studio is still doing the job nicely.. no a/c yet, maybe in the future or i could just take those sweltering weeks of summer off it makes sense really...

so i went with the intention of ripping out some cups today, weighing out 12 oz.... what was i thinking? ok for mugs... so i did a few then cut all of the balls of clay down to 8oz.. that's better..

after enough of those i whipped up a few plates for sunday's print workshop at the club, between jess and myself we should be able to capture the event on vid.. its our last 30 yr celebration workshop at the club for the year, it's been a good one...
the teams all rearranged now with new committee members and a few of us taking a rest from what seems to be never ending stuff to sort out.. good luck for next year guys..

and for this evening i went down to the club to get cleaning up on the 2nd table tile project...full steam ahead for christmas deadline..


  1. yer a whirling dervish of activity! makes me yearn to get to my studio. been with my sis, who had surgery. now she's patched back up... soon I'll be back to my home and then studio! 2 more days!

  2. whirl whirl.... hey super you, get better sis and studio here we come!!!

  3. i like the idea of taking the sweltering weeks off... the plates look great, like wee blank canvases waiting for deco.

  4. hey jim, i must look back at last year and see which month it is, holiday time coming up in the new year.. ooh and pics tomorrow..