Friday, 30 October 2009

table number 2...

the clean up begins .... the tile cut outs were completed last wednesday after a marathon 10 hour stint, i was determined to get them all cut last week and now comes the next phase
of sorting any warped ones cleaning up the edges identifying the tiles and numbering them all... they then go back into the stack for finishing the drying stage and being a warm week quite a few have dried too quickly and warped...

here's how i keep track of the little critters... each section has a list of cut tiles, when i flip them i keep track of moving them about and when cleaning and numbering they get re tagged on the backs....fairly soon comes the deco and i'll be watching the weather for a cool day to deco then restack until the bisque firing..

must get some vid of this project too, i'd like to document it as its now quite a special project for john who passed a way 12 months ago now, and his family is looking forward to it's completion... it also has a lot of personal stuff attached for myself, i'd like to give it a good finishing touch with a mini vid..


  1. Girrrlll! That is some patience you got there! My brain would never get throught this process! Ha!

  2. hey trace..i have my moments .. still up for the challenge though..

  3. wow. well, i can scratch this type of work of my list. not nearly enough patience! Good job Ang!

  4. Very cool. I was going to ask how you kept the tiles from warping? Do you put boards on top of them as they dry? Can't wait to see the video :o)

  5. hey patricia, go on i know you have a slab roller..maybe cafe table size!! thats all i'll be doing in the future..

    hi cindy, thanks, yep they go between boards straight away but with the heat even the heavy boards have warped some, oh well....recut time after cleanups are completed..