Sunday, 25 October 2009


In stark contrast to yesterday today was freeeeeeezing....but excellent company!!
some new pots went down well and a few sales not our best day but great all the same ... Rose made me a lovely birthday cake gluten free made of delicious favourite and!! a do do doooo candle which took a heck of a time to light the wind was a blowing even under the covering of roses coat but we did get the baby to light eventually...

here some pics from today, how many glasses can i wear at once?

some black and whites to amuze myself and todays setup a couple of extra tables and display cabinet for my mini wall sculptures which today were accepted into the stirling fine art exhibition...oh yey, that's in a week and a bit....

so all up a lovely day.. came home with tomato plants, a new t-shirt with a funky combi on thanks raj...a new scarf, some honey, a new bowl from rose and that's all folks....cheers all have a good week.. printing workshop starts next wkd and a run for the cancer council on sunday morning, note to self must hike up the pace for training this week..ciao


  1. looks like fun all the way round... the black and whites look nice but the shot that shows the green glaze on top of the teapot was a beauty. love the knaves's knees too. gearing up for winter here

  2. Lovely bit of photography ang, not sure you should eat those blue snakes though

  3. Mmm, birthday cake, um.... that must mean that it is Your birthday! Hey, Happy Birthday to you Ang! (sorry this is probably late!). I never realized that snakes were gluten free, but nice to know that they have some food value.. I was wondering what you Aussies did with them!

  4. hey jim, yeh the greens a beauty only one teapot in the last firing, i need to mix some more glazes now..

    hey ali, i know it's a bit like blue m&m's or gaterade have to close my eyes!!..

    hi peter, oh yeh, its my birthday! well they're wheat free, pity about the sugar!!

  5. teapots are looking good! Along with the Knaves Knees!

  6. Hippy Hoppy Belated Birthday Angela.
    Hope you had a good day.

  7. hey patricia, thanks the knaves knees are on trial..

    howdy H, thanks twas a gooden..