Friday, 16 October 2009

it's warm in there...

nearly 850 deg C now, the big burners are on and bung in, its the time into reduction that gets interesting and since i'm firing some 'perfect purple'- odd name that one i should change it to 'elusive purple'!! reduction needs to start early..

just had my gas delivery..yey..and yey the cost didn't go we're ready to roll now...


  1. ooo I love purple, got my fingers crossed.

  2. excitement abounds... hope the firing goes well

  3. And how much gas costs now ?

  4. hey linda, me too...i won't open it til then

    hey jim, a couple of issues but helpful people nearby should sort out soon...and a long night finished 1.30am this morning

    hey vlad thanks for dropping by, cost me $106 inc delivery for 45kg bottle..