Wednesday, 2 July 2014

the big clay day out...

A Big shout out to my friend Darren Williams Photography for these! 
some moving stills from the day…

We had an amazing crew, kitchen, studio and firers they were all just brilliant and made for a great environment. I still cannot believe the response we had for the event, so big shout out to all who came and made it such an enjoyable day. It was a pre 9am til well past midnight thing for some of us.

There was a lot of permissions to get for the day and the council were very helpful in making sure all of those safety needs were met. One big huge shout out to Kevin who without none of this would have happened. He is one committed and brilliant Safety Officer and all round mentor to loads of students. 
A Big Thank you to all!

 Oh and then there's the digging out the pots from the pit in the rain!!! seriously messy stuff!! again thankyou to kevin, sandy, irene and matt who between them cleaned up and washed everyones pots, well done guys...

Here's a wee vid, hope you enjoy…and hop on over to my youtube channel there's plenty there to watch...


  1. nothing like a play with fire! some nice colours there...

    1. so so happy anna, the pieces now that they are drying out from the pit are amazing!!

  2. Mud, mud, glorious Mud! I always thought that the evolution of the kiln - from the pit to the ceramic fibre box powered by gas - was to do with getting more and more heat to the pots, but thinking of digging pots out of sticky mud in the rain after a pit firing makes me wonder if the development of an above ground kiln was more to do with the health and comfort of the potter! Ahh, but there are those nice earthy, smoky colours! Looks a great event.

    1. hi peter, ahhh health and comfort! yup it was freezing, wet and very messy but well worth it! the best pots in years to come from a pit firing. while tye pieces have ben drying out the subtlety and strength of colours has been coming out. plans are afoote for next event already!!