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Friday 21 February 2014

still unfired...

 Kiln baby was loaded over a week ago and still unfired…I need at least 10-12 hours to be here without interruptions, hmmm maybe it will happen next week as there are 2 shows I want to get to this wkd.

 Theres quite the stash of shino glazed bowls in this load which is great as I'm down to my last 3 for market.
There remains more kiln fillers in my store/holding cupboard.

Anyhoo we tried out the Flinders Street Market in town last sunday which turned out to be rather nice a little tweaking to get set up in a different skinny space but all good in the end. 
There was an empty space in between ours and the next stall so we got to spread out.

I say we Anna was sick so I womanned the stall solo but all good with loads of help from Georgia making sure everything was running ship shape!

Back to glazing and wads arama

It was so nice to get back to throwing but again there has been a massive break as the heatwave hit and weeks of just stinking hot stuff where everything dries out and puts as tall in clay processing.. anhoo rants over and back to normal programming! We'll be back to Flinders Street Market end of next month SAT 29 MAR do drop in :) and Stirling SUN 23 MAR


  1. You are one busy bird!
    I hope you get cooler and we get warmer!

    1. hey M it seems that way but nowhere near enough time spent in the studio yet ;) very soon I'm sure!!