Saturday, 1 February 2014

plumber, art head and tech buddy...

Is it january rablings or low blood sugar? Anyhoo over the past few days I've been plumber, art head, tech buddy, marketeer, my own best and worst sales person, videographer, furniture assembler, vegie patch tender, president wheeler and dealer and this evening head chef!

A quick squizzy look thru cam photos from last year….

ahhh gulgong clay push 2013

henley beach nights
pots in the park

on the Junk in Halong Bay

signing my print at gallery 1855

I don't think I would ever want to change this crazy life, other than the fact that it's hard not knowing where the next dollar will come from... I work hard at learning, deciphering, creating, making good solid design choices and being that advocate for making a job better than it can ever be…
but then tonight I see my dear friend and gracious ear bender Adriana Christianson sends a challenge on the dreaded FB to keep great art in peeps faces and give me Gordon Bennett!  I know GB... gore blimey ...and other expletives. A quite odd choice of name for an artist or fate...anyhoo some of the most mind blowing and free expressionistic works of art as I have ever seen. Comparable to his peer Basquiat this prolific aussie artist crossing the line, representing his peeps, heavily politically laden art works. I am and always will be impressed by the message and the freedom with which it is portrayed?

  • Gordon Bennett


  • Gordon Bennett is an Australian artist of Aboriginal and Anglo-Gaelic descent. Born in Monto, Queensland, and now working in Brisbane, Bennett is a significant figure in contemporary Indigenous Australian art. Wikipedia
  •  I know not a standard regular post for me but I admire this amazing work and can only hope to immerse myself occaisionally into this style of  artwork and produce something meaningful. More than function or purpose, just about senses, feeling or statement of how it is…

    Anyhoo today is way too stinking hot to venture outside much so the day has mostly been figuring out shop stuff, so I've put something in my ETSY SHOP woohoo! and am trialing the FB app easy social shop so have a nose around, let me know if I've missed something out at either location.

    The name 'EASY social shop' is slightly misleading, it did take some time and a pot of coffee to figure out the links but and totally happy it's all working so far :)


    1. WELL. Who'd a THUNKED that a funny little game on Facebook would lead to such inspiration Miss Angela? I like my new STATUS as EARBENDER & thanks for the heads up on the NEW Easy Social Shop ..Cheers Claysista x

      1. ahhh 'chief ear bender!' it's the moments isn't it….we wonder if fb is a blessing or a curse I would say both and like every spaghetti junction we learn to navigate….I must be hungry again!! cheers sweet xx