Friday, 7 November 2008

'the cats meow'



 just the way I like my fridays...I had some time up my sleeve today with finishing work by midnight last night, truly excellent so I spent some time at the club. Kevin came down with a bigger piece of wood for the table top, something that you only learn by doing custom jobs the tiles all had to be extended because of shrinkage and wow it's more than i thought.

also did some cleaning up of some animal bowls i made wednesday and sloshed on some colour the characters will be drawn pre bisque and a little scrafito this time, there are 2 kinds 'the cats meow' and 'woof'..

and the last of the teapots which i'm thinking of doing in satin black c6 fire and for cynthia my 'stand up' wheel not quite as stunning as yours but it works great..


  1. The "cats meow" and "woof" sketches have me grinning ear to ear. Any chance we can see a pic after the next step...before they go to bisque? The teapots are quite wonderful too!

  2. sure thing, prob be mid week, lots on but i want to get another bisque loaded wednesday..

  3. The sketches are terrific - so much fun!

    I don't think many animals eat marigolds, or do they?

  4. it's a mystery really some kind of invisible bug!