Thursday, 3 January 2013

the new breed...

This skreaching hot weather and the holidays of course have allowed some more photoshoot time...So a few favs from the last couple of firings made it to the my website is up to date

And the very much needed updating of websites too, if only I could consistently figure out the thumbnails in wordpress, anyone else using elegant themes? It uses TimThumb to resize the image and I have the custom fields info but there is something else I just cant sort out, I'm sure it has to do with the url for the image, let me know if you can assist :))..

My Weebly Page will be next for the earthenware images, I'm really starting to get a feel for glazing these pieces now. When I look back a couple of years ago they were disasterous pieces I was making and getting a glaze to look great has been quite a journey. But happy now and have some lines of discovery still with these pieces and getting beyond making the bowl into other forms is the next challenge..


  1. I don't think I will ever figure out all the wed stuff I need a 9 year old to help with all the tricks!
    Your clean up was fabulous! Now- get dirty!

  2. that would be WEB stuff gee where did that d come from??

  3. I like that you are experimental, so many potters are not! And hot.....shoooooot, upper NY state where we are, next to Canada is 8 degrees f right now.....

  4. the wed stuff confuses me too M!
    I would like to be out there but sheesh the heat is a tad nuts right now 40+ tomorrow..

    thanks G, lets call it a compulsion, so experiment I must :)) 8 deg hmm.. weather jealousy...

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