Wednesday, 11 May 2011

flashback to freidas...

Yey 'B' is back after some technical issues attaching anything for the past couple of days!!! So here's my most recent video account of the States trip...Easter sunday at Ron and Sarah's good friend Freida....After a gorgeous BBQ lunch and an easter egg hunt in what must have been around 28 - 30 deg C warmth there were lots of melted eggs...hhehehee.. Freida's boys also figured out Doug's puzzle jug which was great to watch..

Their property is on a stunning laked area surrounded by all manor of homes and some very cool decks with boat here's the cruise video footage courtesy of Doug and some of Hannah's handy work I flip was out of memory so just stills for me that sunday..anyhoo enjoy the moving pictures and check out the giant bees!!!!

I have such a wonderful collection of pots too that made it home safe but that will be another post :))


  1. Ang! FANTASTIC!!!!
    If you ever give up pottery, I think you could make it in the film world! :)

  2. heheheh I did start a film course Becky but clay took over!!!!!

  3. Looks beautiful! We should have shown you around on our little boat!

  4. wow next time judi :P it certainly was a beautiful view from your place!!