Saturday, 16 April 2011

dan's town...

dan's old workshop

Tuesday started slowly we had breckie on the verandah and the light was strange after a humid was clear and filling the trees with amazing colours....

moma of dada

the verandah
Dan took us on a quick tour of the town visiting all of his past studio spaces....
A quick tour of the farm we're staying on included Dan's mystery garden with all sorts of treats for the kids... His very neat lil studio space complete with bee hives now and all manner of pots in and around the place, this gorgeous teapot sits amongst others in the garden..
A very chill day with Sammy T's for lunch mmmm..... Thai sandwich with ginger, chilli and lime....

dan's garden



the lake

the mural wall awaiting restoration....


  1. I know that wall well. Good to see it again, even in its deteriorated state.

  2. Thanks so much for the photos from the USA potters tour.It all looks amazing, and having such a good lot of blogs to read makes up for the fact I'm not there with you all.

  3. hey Hollis it's made quite a few appearances of late for sure....

    hiya christine.. that would have been awesome to have you here too!! :))