Friday, 22 October 2010


Howdy all, I haven't been away intentionally.....just flat out and the studio is cranking too!!
Its that time of year when work is busy and lots of marketing to do with the ceramics too plus a restaurant order that has kept me well busy and I just realized yesterday there was another request that I haven't had time to make..

I have also started teaching a drawing class on tues nights, all newbies and some really nice work coming out here's a quick look at the month past...and a lovely thanks to Zygote for his cone 6 amber glaze ( the cup I'm holding below) it's yum!!!

and Roses lovely green satin matt glaze....


  1. wow, my head is swimming looking at all that work, the bird plates are cool, and I love a good matt, that's a nice one, take er easy.

  2. Ang -- you are cranking out some work -- it's good to be busy --but throw some fun in there too! :))

  3. hey linda yeh sorry a bit much all at once eh...the matt ghas turned out lovely:)

    haha judy don't worry this is fun!!

  4. You ARE cranking! quite the opposite of me right now! That amber glaze looks really nice. I mixed up an amber celedon for a ^6 reduction yesterday. Now I just need something to put it on!

  5. boy... you really are a slacker...
    OMG! amazing

  6. Sounds like you're working your socks off. All sounds good though. Thanks for leaving that link for me that will be very useful.

  7. You better get to work girl!! hahaha! I'm loving that beautiful plate with birdies AND I'm smitten for matte glazes -so that bowl is devine :o)

  8. hiya trace get that cone6 happening its the new c9!!

    hey judi i know, sitting around doing nothing again..

    hey patricia :))

    Howdy Margaret nothing like cranking up the heat for an energy boost...
    oh good, she does some lovely work, it should keep you busy for a while..

    hey Cindy, yeh the birdies went down well this wkd..nee to replace some of the bigger display work now.. oh that glaze is soo smooth you'd love that one :))

  9. LOVE the way the little cup turned out !!!