Saturday, 5 December 2009


here's a little sample from my last firing....the plates from print workshop came out fab... there's underglaze deco, glaze colour and layering of glazes too, all makes for a rather rich now all i need to think about is imagery that i'd like to use over and over... i really like the scroll pattern that simone had and everyone went crazy over the face images so i'm thinking i may tweek that idea... the 1st plate also has a textured back, it was rolled out with a pastry roller and has come up yum..

so a quick update i'm onto the last couple of glaze firings for the table tiles and i'll put something together soon with vid, ah the deadline looms!....


  1. hi ang... saw your pics on FB, they're beautiful, love all the layers. i forgot to comment on FB but the dark brown cups came out really nice too with your trademark handle

  2. Love the plates!! They are fabulous!!

  3. Very nice. I think I want to try printing on some of the blue raku one of these days (when I don't have anything else to do, ha!)Don't have Facebook, so I'll miss what you have there :(

  4. hey jim, thanks mucho yeh i had to redip the dk cups and refire as the rims were a bit rough but the teapots came out lovely.. will post some more pics today..

    hey judy, soo happy with them a new project for next year me thinks..

    hi trace, ooh printing and raku that would be a lovely combination..i'll put some of those other pics up that you missed..