Sunday, 30 August 2009

the new look...

a few very different results for's been a great learning curve doing slipware the last couple of's some shots from this week, pots fresh from the bisque and from the glaze firing at doug fitch's a few mugs and plates with the cyprus inspired deco from dougs library...

a little interval with the helicopter pass over the workshop roof, wow that was low!

It's a lovely spot on the front bench for photos, just looking at these tonight i'm thinking of the visit to the wenford bridge pottery and the workshop of michael cardew, dougs got some lovely pics from there too..we took some outside and it's a little spooky now that the space is all vacant and bats have made a home there upstairs in what must have been office space..

I still have the best part of a week here with family before returning home and had a lovely time with doug, hil and the boys and the extended family of furry animals.. cheers doug for your lovely hospitality and the best tour of devon with a sound track only you could provide....heheheh,... happy giging sunday.....rite...! YARP...


  1. I like the look of your teapots with their honey and copper adornment. Very effective with the part glazed, part unglazed white slip showing with the texture breaking through.

    Wenford Bridge sounds a bit sad empty, with all its history, it seems wrong to let it fall into neglect somehow (I take it from your post that this is what has happened??). Difficult to know what to think sometimes with places like that though, as preserving them forever as a museum doesn't always seem quite right either. Much nicer if they are able to carry on and on producing and changing naturally.

    Hope you are able to get to St Ives, it is a really special place (I visited there when I was still painting). It would be terrific to meet up with Jack Doherty too.

    Doug on the where's Wally? looks gloriously crazy. Tell him to watch out for a bald headed, bearded stranger with a weird Kiwi/English accent that might be brandishing a ukelele and some potter's tools. If he is not careful, I'll turn up on his doorstep and try and add a George Formby twist to Love Daddies!

    Thanks for the birthday greetings. Good on Ya! P.

  2. hey peter, yeh i like, just need to find a clay body i can use...our terracotta makes my hands itch..!

    its quite sad about WB i have some great shots that need a little tweeking coz they're so dark...doug reckons the kiln has a protection order on it but not sure what will come of the building.. at least some of the equipment will live on!

    st ives was great, pics later..

    mad eh i like the cameo appearances he did..will pass on your note..

  3. Hi Ang....looks like you've had a fab time over here in Blighty. Love the teapots...very special.
    Cheers Amanda x

  4. hi amanda, twas lovely, grand time..!ta much