Wednesday, 19 August 2009

a little bit of the red stuff...

here's some of the red stuff from yesterday...yep a kinda clean wheel to start with, i have to do that part of the process eh? I made a few teapots, the lids are resting on some very special molds to get the curve that sometimes remains through the firing..

then got into some big stuff with one of mr cardews drop molds...heavy!!! and a shot of some of the tools i used for anna...

the panorama shot is from the little bench outside doug's workshop, a great day! and to top it off we went to the local game last night what a laugh, i'll put some video together later, talk about loud...and finished off with chippies for tea, v. healthy!!


  1. Wow that wheel wasn't that clean when I was there!

  2. good to see and hear about all the places and visits your'e doing. Please say hi from me. Enjoy yourself.

  3. fun fun fun... sometimes i think about the red stuff myself. i saw your picture in your bare feet on doug's blog standing next to hannah. what a trio you all make, i think that's the only picture of you i've seen save the wee one in the corner. what are chippies?

  4. hey ron, i know well caked on clay it's all gone now...heeehehhe

    hi judith, hellos all done..

    hey jim, funny eh 3 claymeteers..i do have shoes...! yeh i'm usually taking shots of work and of everyone else...! chippies are fries..