Saturday, 20 June 2009

yum yum paper clay.....

yum yum paper clay.....
my very own special brew cooked up this week, a good batch of slip, ample amounts of really cheap loo paper,
and a good dollop of fine grog...left to brew for a while it's perfect for hand building, I have a nice batch of mini sculptural tiles underway at the mo...

number 1 kiln fired and number 2 this week with the cone 6 tests onboard....along with some new cups and a couple of teapots plus the
1st kiln load of raw glaze work a modified coopers clear recipe..


  1. I love paperclay! I put just 1/2% in my throwing clay... dry fresh pieces 30 min. in my home oven, then right in the kiln, never one crack!