Friday, 24 April 2009

friday preview night

it was a great start to the exoteric show at greenhill galleries just about all of the gang were there and quite a turn out too, good sales across the room for a very wet and cool evening... 

more on sunday with the official opening 11.30am, drop on by if you're in town..seeya then, cheers ang..


  1. Congrats on show preview success so far...the tiles look great on the wall!!

    At first I thought that the long metal rods were part of the installation - but it's the galleries hanging system, non?

  2. thanks C it was a nice wet one tonight, yeh i know, the rods... i saw them tonight for the first time...mmm you get used to it after a while, i think i prefer the hanging wires, i think they're used to having large heavy paintings i grab some shots of the rest of the space sunday...

  3. We are envious of your rain! We need a good shower to rinse all the volcanic ash away -it's so gray outside. Your tiles are wonderful! Yes, I've had to use that sliding type of hanging system before...great for the walls but not so good for showing off wonderful work, especially smaller works. The Show looks delicious! I LOVE your tiles :o)

  4. The show looks really nice Ang.

  5. hey cindy you can have some now, i think in the last 2 days we had more than we've had this year..thanks

    hi ron thanks, your show looks impressive too a big room eh..