Tuesday, 30 December 2008

ready to get cookin

and 'super kevin' returns with his trusty 'sidekick leigh' today, the kiln is moved into it's new home it's sooo nice getting the studio space to work for me, it is a continuing challenge as things start to fill up what used to be a massive space.. anywho the whirly is in place as is the ventilation flue... the flue and it's exit from the kiln will be a rebuild more on that one later..

the terrible cutting inside the whirly is my excuse for making things fit obviously i'm not a tradie but it did it's job for 6yrs or so..

there's some new shelves going into the framework a bit later on to help organise my space and hopefully allow for loading space for pots too we'll see how that works out on the day..and now i'm back off to the club the table calls.

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