Monday, 29 December 2008

fishy has landed

and finally fishy has landed, marvelous what holidays can do time to get all sorts of things done without having to dash off half way through a job..
fishy has been waiting a fair time to get the edging tiles done so i dashed off to club yesterday to use slabby roller, the edge tiles will be cobalt to give a strong edge to the piece and they should be ready this week, yey....

and what a lovely surprise ross has done the concrete slab for the gas cage it had to be moved as it was too close to a door opening and then we're ready to get on with the plumbing for the gas kiln, double yey...thanks rossco..


  1. Wow Ang, that looks totally cool. Can't wait to see it with the edging in place.

  2. looks great,Sandy & I were at the club this morning putting finishing touches to our pots.
    Still trying to work out my blog site.

  3. hiya ron me too....

    hey anna, you're in my side bar so i can keep an eye on you!!! hehehe