Tuesday, 25 November 2008

western and country night - our annual club dinner bash

we just can't resist turning things on their head here, so we had our annual club dinner bash- western & country theme night this wkd. It was an absolute hoot literally we had a hoe down......leaving that!

the barbie cooking was spectacular if i do say so myself, all cooked under our three legged gazebo.... we had indians, a mexican, 2 sheriffs, one undertaker, one bar girl, lots o' cow folk, no cows though....8 square dancers, one caller, one one man band....and 2 dogs.......?


  1. Well you certainly know how to enjoy yourself down there.

    We are off to a barn dance on Friday Night..

  2. have fun at the dance paul, but they should come with a warning, i did manage to pull a muscle or 2 in my back??? what the.....back to the pots a non contact sport....

  3. You all know how to party! Hope your back is better!

  4. oh such fun....back's all better, yey...

  5. Ha ha ha, what a crazy bunch of nutters, love it! It's the first time I've had a chance to run this with the volume on(I live in a tiny TV dominated house). Good editing skills.

    Hope the sale goes well