Monday, 17 November 2008

off with your head - it's my tea party

my journal has taken over and i can't possibly keep's some more tile ideas playing with some early illustrations from alice in wonderland, i'm thinking about some colour wash under pencil work or pen if the lines are too soft..

and had friday afternoon to play with again, bonus, so did some serious throwing in my studio, planning for when my gas kiln gets reconnected, i made some desert bowls serving bowls and a bunch of mugs which take serious concentrating when putting on handles coz it's not my strong point! and i must be out of practice cut through the bottoms of 4 pieces going way to thin on the bases..

anywho happy with that little effort..and some tiles got the workup with ceramics pencils also tests...

cheers all have a great week, it's our  annual club dinner sat evening and there will be plenty of shots to put up we're going western or country any take you like on the theme, so it should be fun...


  1. looks good in the studio!
    Love the alice in wonderland- this would make great tiles.
    How is your other tile project coming along?

  2. thanks it was a good day, and very productive. the big table tile project is still chugging along, nearly ready for some colour in the 'very slow' drying stage..

  3. You must be a wild lady in the studio! A whirling dervish! I wish I could accomplish so much in a day. Love the Alice in Wonderland sketches... It'll be interesting to see how that comes out in your work! Great stuff.

  4. I love your sketches Ang, one of these days we'll meet up on Skype! Would be great to have a chat.

  5. hey patricia, hope your move's been smooth, perhaps a dervish i am, i certainly leave a trail behind me...just ask my fellow clubmates there's evidence of me everywhere....cheers

    howdy H, thanks, that would be great by the time lag is 10 & a half hours at the mo, totally outa sync.....catcha later

  6. Ang - I seriously love your sketches! Have you ever thought about printing them up on notecards or such?

    Pulling handles - not my strong suit.

    Love the bowl shapes!

  7. hi cynthia, ta, yes i have, it's on my list when i have some tiles completed, i'll pic my favs and make some cards of them... it's the whole getting handles on without mangling them that's the challenge...hence the beakers...