Friday, 4 July 2008

one down

unloaded today a good bisque, so thats one down and about three more to go to get everything ready for august...


  1. G'day Aus, looking good, look forward to seeing them come through

  2. yeh me too, focus focus...

  3. Dear Ang....thanks for your comments at corsock glass.
    It's meant to be your winter so it sholud be a little chilly!!'s supposed (!) to be our summer and i can't feel my fingers whilst i write this!
    I love the idea of posting your sketches which are very good and your teapots under the damp cupboard post are fantastic...really looking forward to seeing them finished. I am really learning a lot from Hannahs extended blog network!
    Amanda x

  4. hi aj, yeh its cold alright, stirling is probably the coldest place in adelaide it was prob about 8 to 10 deg that day which is chilly for a suburbanite, I remember summer being on the cool side in UK..