Sunday, 22 June 2008

it's chilly out there


It was way chilly today at stirling market. I've learnt the layering technique from Rose when in doubt put everything on!! The reservoir at chain of ponds is slowly filling up now, its a bit green but better than the clay pan it was starting to look like.  Ooh and I had a near altercation with a roo this morning driving from Roses place he popped up the hillside right at my front passenger window!! hello!! well it was more ahhhh! and where'd he go?


  1. Hey Ang, Looking good. I liked seeing your sketches below.
    What out for those kangaroos.

  2. Hey Ang, your stall looks great, lots of people looking on interested too. What size are your funky teapots? They look a lot of fun. Good luck with the gas kiln, it's been a while getting her up nd running again, I look forward to it. What do you do for work? I'm being nosey, I'm curious to know more about your life.

  3. hey doug, ta sunday was lots of hands in pockets day though but we still did ok..

    teapots are apprx. 15-18cmH x 16-18cmW I am enjoying putting them together..just ran out of my clay though and it comes from victoria so that will be another quest today also planning our SALA space and catching up with the girls at club today big lunch etc...

    the dear gas kiln is a labour of love it is really hard to find tradies interested and in our price range we had one quote at the beginning for 6K for everything... I got the paper work to fill out yesterday its 9 pages long just on the specs of the kiln.

    work is photos and plans for real estate sales and freelance graphic design, I work for the same guys I have for years so its not that ponderous and I have clay to keep me sane..

    I go back to college every now and then to fill a void and last time was about 5 years ago where I met my clay buddies across town, it's amazing I'm now catching up with people from 20 yrs ago one of those being judith the sculptor and she lives down the road..I've studied fine arts to design, film and finally clay.. wow that was a long answer..but hence my wide interests.

  4. A long and interesting answer, it's good to know more about you, sounds like you've got a really broad knowledge of all things arty. Some fab looking bowls, I really like the squared dishes. We're off selling for the weekend to my favourite show of the year, it always rains this weekend though so I expect we'll have a fair bit of hands in pockets too. Have a lovely weekend, catch you later