Tuesday, 3 June 2008


42 posts where did the time go...

Well I had a monster clean out yesterday now everything is in its place lets see how long that lasts....I finished the mortar & pestal sets so now i just need to fill a c10 firing with other work, I'm planning on using a lovely chun recipe passed on at college. 

My kiln will be moving v.soon into its own space a small extension on the back of my studio just behind where its located now and another big working bench will be in its current place plus more shelvage, my current routine is to fill every surface and then the floor not exactly ideal as even I step on my own work! Well busy week with work but a long weekend coming up so no doubt I'll get some making time, happy working all, cheers..


  1. Enjoyed the shots of your studio. I'm setting up a new studio/gallery space in Cambria, Ca., and really like seeing how others have set up their spaces. Thanks for sharing!

  2. what a lovely tidy studio,
    pestal & mortar look good,
    I never know which is pestal & which is motar.
    Please enlighten this potty potter.

  3. ahh yes in the words of mr simon leach video maker extrordonaire this should answer your question...