Wednesday, 6 April 2022

daylight saving it's all a blur...

 It's the week after the end of daylight saving and every day is a blur...

So while we let the body clock resync to having an extra hour in the day, which why wouldn't you want in every week!? Anyhoo, the studio has been back on track and we fired up little ms rocket raku kiln last week. Mixed results and they can be refired. Here's a couple of gems with ripper copper lustre and stunning turquoise glaze. 

Available locally in Adelaide only.

Se you next time! :D  A


  1. That is a beauty!
    Daylight saving so called only makes sense when we have to live to the the saying that is being quoted..who would cut a strip off one end of a blanket, and sew it to the other end to make it longer...?

    1. Yes it was a good firing, I need to get on it again. I'm on the hunt for a new burner as we put my current one to use on the test kiln :D I do like the longer evenings in the summer, so it's good then. cheers chic

  2. What Gwynneth said!
    Nice to see you back. Toes crossed that nothing awful was keeping you away!

    1. Hey smarts, yes has been a tough time but I'm back :D
      Happy to have some creating time again :D cheers chic