Tuesday, 26 August 2014

journal update...

a raku firing video to get yu started

click for a link to my statigram feed ;)

I feel like I'm always playing catchup these days and in an attempt to journal update here's last weeks efforts. I'd been madly making raku bottles for last wkd's open studio and only managed to fire a few of them as it was difficult to get a firing rhythm happening with visitors etc, the kiln would cool down and it would take an hour to get it back up to temperature so not many raku firings occurred but we did manage to get a few Obvaras through with some lovely results. I found after a bit of experimenting with time some gorgeous results from a truly smelly concoction.

firing last week in my rocket raku kiln...my usual turquoise glaze coming out not so…but some lovely reds again

our tree audience for the day and cranky skies…

obligatory fire and studio buds for the day...

and then last wkd stirling market sunday another fine winters day with lots of peeps out enjoying the sun and I took my heated jacket out for a market test run….soooo nice you wouldn't believe what a difference it makes, I found the company online and they just happen to be in Adelaide what lovely service the guy even brought out samples for me to try on. So if you're interested look up all purpose heated clothing

anyhoo it's off to the studio for me and do some warm up throwing pots, it's been a while since I've made some nice bowl shapes so check in later on the dreaded facebook and instagram or twitter


  1. my son lives in the Snowy Mtns and has one of those jackets - saves on heating indoors too :) love the raku bottles and the bowl at the end of your post..

  2. can't believe I only just found out about heated clothing anna, just the best...cheers

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