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Monday 25 November 2013

marketing season...

You know some weeks are just great for production time, the weather was fantastic, the clay was good consistency and time was on my side.

It was a tad mad with hours of handling the same work and it's those days that can really mess with ya head re value and time etc.

I just needed to get stuck in and make and get the work out there as we are at the pointy end of the year sales wise and two events down with three more to go.

printing lil birdie was a fun afternoon, then getting them on the wares, glazed and reloaded for friday firing.

and these lovely slippery pieces were under wraps for months, the cups needed foot cleaning up and handles and the jugs still leather hard needed just thumbing and handles.

and what a day, brown and white slip flying everywhere…

that's why I work outside with these and a one handed cricket moment as a cup flew out of my grip whilst I was marbling it….

it tumbled into the air and spun gracefully, and with a split second to think shall I dive after it or let it fall….I dove!… handed catch just on the foot, thanks for the applause…

I was pretty pleased with that hand to eye coordination considering I couldn't catch a ball if I tried but apparently cups!!! yes!!!

and stirling market day yesterday, a bit of a chilly start but then the crowd doubled mid morning but it wasn't the gang buster we were expecting it was just another regular market day… neh mind hopefully december one will be better
 These wares are available at Milan Rouge contemporary craft & design Stirling, Urban Cow Studio Adelaide, Terrace Furnishings Glen Osmond Rd, Q Gallery Strathalbyn

and events coming up next Independent Makers Sale at Mr Sunshines Cafe Thebarton Saturday 30th November 11-2pm and The Wheaty Christmas Sale Saturday 14th December 12-3pm

Oh and the car! how embarrassmenting and the peeps just sneak in at the end of the day and drive off…not a word…nothing

So I was neighbourless on one side and spread out just a tad to take advantage of the lovely sunshine…

anyhoo loads of new stuff and galleries to stock up over the next couple of weeks…have a good marketing season my friends!

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