Monday, 5 August 2013


Well my chickies have done it again! What a lovely show they have curated @Milan Rouge Contemporary Craft & Design in Stirling SA. Since I didn't take a single shot!

I was too buzzed by the mulled wine and champaz I only took a sip and went cross eyed! So no more for me for a bit :P Darren has kindly given me permission to post his photos as he's very sneaky and grabbed some nice moments at the opening of Ozmosis for SALA yesterday.

 Here's a sneak peak of my work too, this I did have a moment to snap I'll get some new photos while they're on show this month. It is time I popped back up the the space and selected a few more pieces to show you.

And how about some kiln filling time! Its is extreme but when you're firing tiles you have to make something largish to fill the space and I did run out of usable kiln shelves... unfortunately second hand tool come with drawbacks and a lot of the shelves have glaze damage and the last available one I wasnt happy to put in and risk droppage of such glaze bits onto my work and yes on my list for buzzing off with angle grider! yes they are that bad..

And lil big birdie taking centre stage, this piece was a tester for my SALA work but ended up in the kiln with the work! And just checking out LGH clay body in oxidation and to my surprise its works really well... So clarity on the next clay order then... loads of LGH, its suits my tile work and shinos in high fire reduction.


  1. Very nice moments there, great photos of you!
    LOVE that plate and the birdie :-)

    1. Hey trace...awww sweet, darren is very sneaky with his camera!! Cheers's the heat?

  2. Great photos and even better pieces! You look wonderful :) xo