Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Gulgong Road Trip Pt 2

The roofs of Gulgong
Kirsten Coelho

Well time is flying by and grabbing a minute to edit has been a bit of a challenge, so here's part 2 of our road trip, a bit more of skippy since I don't have any night footage of the real things!! Man they were out there lining the roads ready to pounce, pity I didn't have any night vision goggles they would have been handy :P.

This episode features the substantial pot dance section and you can see the whole thing in high res on my youtube channel. Loads of fun and tres messy, I dont think connie's white jacket survived the oxide splashes it was covered, you can see her front row directly across from me.

There's been loads happening in the studio, the Hive works are all delivered and survived which is amazing but I did fire really slowly but it's great for all the participants to get their work in one piece.
Hopefully tomorrow i'll get all the cups and bowls glazed plus the first of the Tagines and a firing Saturday perhaps, i'll need to check my gas levels on the last firing log and get that kiln filled!

This episode features Kirstsen Coelho, Jeff Mincham, Diana Fayt and of course the pot deco crew..

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