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Sunday 14 April 2013


Tagines... it's a project that has been simmering for quite a while.

There's the research then the testing and with quite a lot of brewing and thinking eventually there comes the making. It's not like I have been sitting around doing nothing but sometimes projects take time. Longer than I wished they took but there's a process and it must be brewed.

Todays lil effort, six lids a good start! enjoy the vid..


  1. Your tagines look wonderful, enjoyed the video, for the bat prep are you putting wet clay and then dry clay on it?

    I hope to cook in a tagine some day, they are intriguing to me.

  2. hi linda there's firm bat clay on the wheel head from yesterday, i cover it with plastic overnight since its still quite warm at the mo... and wetting down the bats so they adhere well to the bat clay, and on top so the fresh clay adheres well to the top ofthe bat... hope this helps

  3. wow- hope you post a picture of a finished one.

  4. When I was working at a community studio there was a class offered for making tagines. . I really wish I had taken that class, so many nice ones came out of the kiln during that class. I just like what comes out of the final product, the food!

  5. Ha Ha... , I see that the high temperatures in your part of the world make people work very quickly!!!

    Loved the lid demonstration it was really useful, and the music and sounds were a magnificent and hillarious accompanyment! When I had a go at making tagines I found that the method you used was definitely the best for the lid, and it seems to give just the right natural flowing form (I also tried the other way up like making a shallow bowl).

    I noticed that someone on your Youtube posting of it was asking how you release the lid from the bat if you are not wiring it off? I am wiring less and less now as I find that things release themselves quite naturally from a tempered hardboard bat (masonite) after a couple of days, I wondered if you have reached a similar conclusion??

    By the time I've finished this comment, you will have made another 4 lids... ! P :)

  6. hey Amy, but of course :))

    Trace i reckon it would be something you could coil and throw too and they dont have to be this big, its a chef request..

    Peter the vid would have been an hour and a half long :P had to speed things up! Im trying classical music it doesn't seem to get blocked on youtube, well yet anyway! I like to let things stiffen up a bit before cutting off this size, the lids aren't crucial as only the rims are attached and the edges have been released a bit, I do prefer to let them release themselves hopefully i can flip the bases today coz i need the bats :))

    cheers mr Y

  7. Very cool - I've never used a tangine, but I too am intrigued with them - the shape, design, and of course the use. Can't wait to see them finished!