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Saturday, 9 March 2013

studio daze...

TALLEST MAN ON EARTH, the cat empire,The Alaev Family...
Just some of the acts at Womadelaide last night.. A veggie dinner in the dark I had not much of an idea of what I was eating apart from the usual dietry requests when I ordered dinner.. Wow there was just too much food and cider was on the menu for the night, i'm pretty sure they amped up the prices this year, it used to be the cheapest at the bar! Anyhoo great night and the usual headache today either the cider or the humidity today! It was totally packed last night way more peeps than last year but no sniffer dogs and not much wacky weed on the nose either, must have been a different crowd!

Anyhoo had a super day in the studio. I started out light cutting up some decals, Ive ordered some jewellery ball bits online hope they're the right size :P and then got on with cracking yesterdays bisque kiln, everything looks good.. it's the load of pots for shinos for my Milan Rouge show end of his month.. and lil big birdie tile are all glazed up an ready for the kiln, so that will be glazed this week and loaded up too.

printing, printing and more printing!!

look more printing!!

 The other print challenge today was lil big birdie and giraffe fella, 30 of each just to be sure I had enough. I've done sets of large dinner bowls, snack bowls, a couple of lidded forms, a teapot and cups of each set. The glazing maybe tomorrow or Monday and then get some loaded into the electric kiln. It depends on the weather really if it's too hot in the studio, the garden is probably going to get some attention as there's so much pruning to do and loads of cleaning up all the summer dry and dead stuff.. anyhoo a great start to the wkd...


  1. Hi, you are rocking and rolling in the studio. How do you find the time to eat or sleep?
    I hope your pendants are the perfect size....the giraffe, well he is a sweetie.

  2. It makes me shudder to think of all that glazing and firing in the kiln! I love just the black stamp on the white bisque, so subtle. Penang making is so fun, look forward to seeing them finished:)

  3. He he heee loads of time M :)) thanks

    Hey trace you know how much I love glazing...its an illness :P cheers

  4. Love the decals - especially the lil birdie!
    You have been busy. Hope the kiln gods smile down sweetly . . . .

  5. L-O-V-E the new work!! keep it up GIRL!

  6. thanks cindy, I'll try, mayne some glazing tomorrow :)) ssssgonna be a hot one tho!!

  7. I also LOVE all your new work!! I'm a sucker for birds too. :D