Tuesday, 14 August 2012


It feels like confession time.... A very long time away from my studio and so much to do but it's way too  cold out there now for me to even entertain it, it's been a revolting winter of viruses I've had one after the other and 2 weeks ago ended up in hospital with pneumonia .. many drugs later and it's back....grrrrr another X-ray yesterday didn't look terribly attractive at all so more antibiotics this week and hopefully this dose kicks it right out of my system, at least that's what I'm hoping for... anyhoo here's a wee photo journal of what I've been up to in the middle of this and feeling ok times..

last month's market and I don't think it rained!! yey... great music again and great peeps!

last month firing in big momma... a few casualties but also some good results!! note to self put c10 glazes on bottom 2 shelves...

and these guys arrived yesterday my new postcards :))

and a couple of pics thanks anna for sending these results from the firing ...the wadding worked well all be it a lot for the tagine I think there was about 30 wads underneath and another 20ish wads supporting the lid...
 very happy with the fuming from the kiln more pics soon...


  1. I just figured you were very busy. I am so sorry to hear you were so sick.
    Get better! and- stay warm!

  2. Sick and finding time to blog? Girl!!
    Get better, miss hearing from you, so sorry about all the ick,
    Beautiful postcard
    Big hug!

  3. some really good looking pots there!
    look after yourself.

  4. yikes. look after yourself!x

  5. Good looking post card.....very you!
    Lousy cold weather for you.....we are having a hot august!
    So sorry to hear that you have been sick.....concentrate on getting better. Sounds like you need some TLC.

  6. OMG!!!!! Get and stay better! Are you taking your vitamins??? Take Quercitin withC from Twinlabs 2x a day!!!

  7. thank meredith, it has been busy in between bugs!! and am doing exactly that staying warm and slowly improving!

    trace matey, ha my computer is my link to peeps at the mo...good for amusement in the wee hours when im awake..thanks

    hi gz yep im fairly happy with them def like the atmosphere in my lil kiln more the results are richer and cleaner too..

  8. taking everyones advice H staying in rugged up and taking loads of drugs and vitamins.....so much for the city to bay run this year tho :((

    thanks dennis!!

    hey smarts, cant wait for some warm weather! thanks!

  9. Awww thanks Judi, you're the best yep still taking the vitamins...will be back in good shape v soon!!

    hey Patricia thanks sweet...

  10. Sorry to hear that you've been so sick, I was wondering why things had been quiet with your blog. That sounds a very nasty virus, I gather that our hospitals here are bursting at the seams with people coughing and spluttering and not at all well. Anyway, hope you are full of bounce and energy by the time you get this.

    Goodness, glad that the market had some sunshine for a change...

    Kind Thoughts, P

  11. hey peter I know its been way too quiet here, blog will be bursting soon!! lots coming up and luckily last week I had quite the turn around and feeling healthy again, thanks for your kind thoughts and for dropping me a line :)) cheers ang

  12. E-Gads girlfriend! Sorry to hear you have been under the weather. Hopefully you are on the mend!