Wednesday, 7 May 2008

here's something i made earlier

At studio today I made this.... na can't keep that up! Getting into some slab rolled work I love the instant nature of making forms and stamping drawing directly into 'wet' clay, put together a couple of car plates and also square plates that will have copper slip decoration like this one I prepared earlier... really trying to fill my glaze kiln before campbelltown show and I have quite a few platters to go in.



  1. Hi Ang,
    I love the fast lines in those plattters. For about 2 years now I have had 3 square frames standing behind my desk waiting to become press moulds for plates. They are still there. I looked at them last week actually and though hmmm I must d something with you. Yours are looking great.

  2. hannah thanks for dropping in.. yes they are really quick to do so it's good to have a few frames lined up.