Friday, 6 December 2013

at the pointy end - gas fired earthenware...

The OSCAS were on last winter and I took the opportunity to do some demos, handles on cups, some slipware action with tiny kiddie hands assisting and some raku firing.
It was a great event that stirred up quite some enthusiasm australia wide and created a great sense of community too.

Well it has come to the pointy end and my quest to fill my gas kiln with earthenware
pots has happenend!
Yep all those cups, bowls, plates and jugs are in bar 2 pieces, I just have to have something left over!!

Way, way back in August, yes I have loads of projects on the go and the is part time for me but 3 months to fill the kiln…hmmm

I wanted to just flashback to the lino printing workshop at Gallery 1855 this year too…
I'm just framing up some works for sale and hope to continue this printing lark…it's fun! And stepping back into some of the media that captured my enthusiasm in early college days has been so fulfilling… It's still about the abstract, the textures, the lines and detail as is my ceramic work but just another avenue of expression.

This is light up this morning of my fibre kiln, there are 2 stacks front and back jam packed with marble ware and a few other pieces, the top jug is handless so thats my piece from this load. It should make a nice gravy jug.

And some tech info both pilots are on low for the first hour and a half warming up the kiln to at lead 350C before turning up the pilots. They then are inched up until they are on full checking every hour. I will stay on the pilots for quite a while as when I switch on the venturis, the atmosphere will jump and I don't really want black clay just toasty. I'm aiming for 1130-1140 degrees the Bennetts earthenware body will take that nicely and only bloats another 20-30 degrees C over that.
I had some very toasty pots last firing of this type in the big club kiln but my kiln is a bit more manageable size and firing wise, so we will know soon enough!

Anyhoo this is the last link to the Mud Colony Blog
check out what the crew are up to and leave a final message for Adriana she's been managing the blog single handed and is moving the group over to FB so see you over there too!


  1. That marbled ware looks like a lot of fun.

  2. hey Dennis, I'll be putting together a youtube video soon and you can see the slip flying!! nb.. I decided to keep my flying cup, one hand, no bounce…it's my lucky cup now :P