Monday, 4 November 2013

planet jumping...

I'm just back from holidays and getting my head around catching up with everyone and working on studio times. It seems like a blur...sis and I tripped over to malaysia then vietnam and stayed in Hanoi and Hoian for a ten day jaunt for my birthday, being a biggy B'day a big trip was called for…

The locations were stunning and  awe inspiring! the morning after my b'day celebrations we went mountain climbing in Halong bay and the scenery was just a bit reminiscent of fantasy island :P z plane z plane!!

And then back to Hanoi for more street scooter crazyness, a surprise great coffee cafe and chats with local uni students. Then hopping onto another plane to Hoian where we met possibly our favourite guide, so much fun and quite possibly a bit of a 'shite stirrer' and I say that in the nicest possible way it was like having my brother around!!

We shopped and walked and walked some more the smellies on at the fresh food market and biked around the back paddocks and went gardening with the veggie farmers...all good fun then back to malaysia to catch up with bro in law and a stinky plane ride home overnight....aren't they just the worst! Counting down the hours and just wanting to be home! anyhoo made it back and a breeze through customs even the beagle was sleeping! they checked my shoes and everything else I declared but made pretty well sure I didn't bring home any nasties.

So sunday was the gallery opening for hills edge clay a great lil exhibition of local clay artists. It was a super turn out with lots of catchups and meeting new peeps too. The show is on for a while and if you cant make it I grabbed a few photos on sunday they are in my facebook albums.. well more sleeps to catch up on.....zzz for now


  1. Belated Happies for a Big Fete!

  2. Nice trip ! Thanks for all the beautiful pictures.

  3. Great post, great trip!! I am so very envious, one of my destination hopefuls..... one day.....
    at least I will have someone to call for advise if we ever do get a trip like this together!

  4. you are welcome dennis i still cant believe the scenery!

  5. cheers trace you would love kinda coriandered out tho :P you would love it!

  6. What a great b-day trip. Happy Birthday!

  7. Wow, Ang. What an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing all the photos.

    1. hey patricia hows things? amazing it was, beautiful weather and a great time with ma sis... unfortunately it looks like another typhoon is heading in they just had one 3weeks ago and still cleaning up debris