Tuesday, 2 April 2013

marathon photoshoot...

marathon photoshoot yesterday...

5 hours later all the work from saturdays kiln load was photographed and catalogued!
it's been a mammoth week.. between work and glazing there wasn't much foot room in my studio and amazingly only 4 pieces didn't make it into the kiln..
 and the unloading went well only a few crawling incidents with the shino and the mystery clink that i heard when loading in the last shelf was a tiny piece of prop that landed in the smallest bowl possible and didn't even stick to the glaze!!

anyhoo here's some of my new tiles..

I'm heading up to Milan Rouge in Stirling today to deliver the exhibition work
The exhibition opening is friday night 6.30pm ... Hope to see you if you're in town :))

just some of the gorgeous colour response from the firing, some great contrasts and some really subtle responses from the satin shino.. and of course the touches of carbon trapping they make my heart smile..

just some of the glaze on glaze on glaze action for the pendants..

 and some new glaze tests, mr coffees white is very nice, it performed very well..

 and the last electric kiln was full of the fellas..
loads of plates, bowls of different sizes and teasets..

ahh my fav mug and a keeper!!


  1. So beautiful, all of it, but I love those red/brown tiles with the hands, so yummy! Great stuff Ang

  2. Hands?! Wtf, I meant giraffe:)

  3. Wow.,. Beautiful work. Fabulous photography...you know you rock. Wish we were closer in location!

  4. Ha trace... I knew you'd see it :P

    cheers judi.. I know how ridiculous is the distance! and thanks chickies :)

  5. Ang- those are all wonderful but here I was thinking how did I miss the hands? Ha ha...
    Lovely work once again.

  6. Now I'm feeling strange because I've always seen them as giraffes! Seriously, I'm sort of in love with them. Giraffe Love?
    Great firings all around!

  7. Alright, alright..... I didn't have my glasses on, ok?

  8. Lovely work, great to see shino looking all alive and contemporary. I do like the bird tiles. The cup next to your "some new glaze tests" caption is nice with the iron glaze bubbling coming through the white glaze.. like foamy waves on the beach.

  9. Meredith, just take your glasses off apparently :P

    smarts, theyre either giraffes or 4 finger cartoon characters :P

    trace, chuckles and snort!!

    thanks gz, cheers my friends!!

    peter, its my new play work the clay is gnarly as and the handles were too, cant believe what a match those 2 glazes were...mmm more coffee cups will be coming on that line!