Friday, 29 March 2013

literally to the rafters..

A little catchup on this week, Yesterday I went for  a meet with Connie and Anna re out Gulgong clay push conference trip end of this month..
And while we were in AC ARTs checked out the year 12 show which had some amazingly mature works and on discussion with my colleague its such a shame that some of these kids won't go on to college which is such a shame!!
Anyhoo, today was wadding and loading day.. it took me all afternoon but finally loaded with only a few pieces left over!
Rather pleasing to see everything loaded tonight and quite happy about firing tomorrow, what a great weekend, its been a stress of a week with work and stuff but happy to finally get his done..
This is what the stack looks right from the front, it's absolutely chockas, literally to the rafters..

Here's the moving pictures version.. more pics tomorrow, should be a nice day around 21C..
In amongst checking out my tent putting up abilities, I will be firing up baby.. mostly shinos some new tests and a few chuns should be good.. check out the moving version below


  1. nice pack,the photos from thursday look great,love the way you put it all together

  2. you are a working girl! I love seeing what you are up to.

  3. thanks anna and thanks for the tour friday, great day :))

    hey meredith, its been quite the week, now we wait for mondays cracking the kiln..