Friday, 16 November 2012

open studio day...

So i'm just checking in today to update my blog for my open studio which is saturday and by now you'll have your invite by hand, email or facebooked if you're in adelaide and to anyone else i've missed here's your invite....

I do check in on stats every now and then and todays well i just like the numbers 70747 page views and 566 posts.... who would've thought, well not me when i started this journal way back in 2007 that i'd still be doing it. 

obviously blogger has some things going for it apart from those dodgy comment moderation that usually takes me 3 goes to get right.. you'll notice i dont use them anymore! spam protection within blogger picks up most of the spam and for the odd few its easy to delete them..

anyhoo i'm setting up today under the verandah which is all surprisingly tidy after my post birthday bash the other wkd... i should do that every year!!

so 2 kilns to unload today and some fresh new earthenware and midfired pieces to grace the display tomorrow.. drop in between 10am-4pm or otherwise if we've pre arranged a visit.

next year i plan to add another open studio in summer, I'll keep you updated..
must get on have a great friday all..


  1. All the best for tomorrow- wish I was a bit nearer! (even NZ is too costs $Aus 500 for a return to Sydney!!!)

    Sell plenty!!!

  2. hey gz thanks, I know distance is quite the downer for such occasions :((

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