Monday, 12 November 2012

ew refires and hamada..

here's some of last weeks kiln load some are refires from the previous that i over fired and they had loads of tiny bubbles mostly inside the bowls..
 so i sanded the bubbles reglazed and refired 40 degC lower and vwala!!
all super and very happy, now to get the rest of those through this week as it's open studio on saturday, my once a year big day sale at my studio..

and hamada plate number two...what would hamada eat.... just a tiny pun and nod to the great ceramics hero Shoji Hamada, the other plate says what would hamada do..

today i'm printing some lil birdie and glazing a mid fire load and finally seeing some of the production line moving along. 
I always have a few things on the go at the same time
the only problem being that occasionally i get a bit stuck and overloaded with work in the studio and really need to get a move on to make some space and finish things off...anyhoo off to work!!


  1. chuckle- I think he would eat rice and veggies....

  2. from multiple bowls too M :)) i can always count on you to join in !!!

  3. i might like these new eware bowls even better than the shino, really nice!

  4. Interesting refiring earthenware- I never did..should've done!!

  5. Got some great lookin bowls there Ang!

  6. hey gz, yep fairly straight forward you should give it a try..

    howdy mr Y, how's the tropics? thanks I'm getting into a groove with these bowls now..