Saturday, 10 December 2011


Well it's my 3rd firing in a week and the best one by far...all the changes I made to my kiln were worth while and she fired beautifully...I can't ask for anything more..

So Kathy if you're reading.. the wedding bowls are all lovely all 86 of them so you have a set of spares for yourselves :))

Today was the Wheaty Christmas sale for ceramics and glass and some beautiful pieces were on display the room was crowded for the first hour as predicted and as newbie to  the room I did far better than I expected, thanks Charmain for the invite and to the Wheaty for such a great venue :))
I came home with a few treats yey!! 4 lovely pieces that will get used often!!
So here's a few picks from the unload...
All of the raw pieces held up well..
and a surprize the nuka glaze threw up purple from the copper brushwork I think it would make it to cone 10 quite stunning for such an easy recipe... the vases, small shino bowls with ash sprinkles and the pouring bowls were all raw glazed...

oooh and the pendants MFQ clay with shinos, ash and soda sprinkles all came out well with some nice crystals forming...


  1. you are a machine! It all looks great!

  2. Isn't it wonder full when the magic works? It all looks to toasty and tasty!

  3. hey dennis :))

    meredith commissions bring it out in me :)) cheers

    hey smarts, indeed! thanks

  4. MY are on a serious roll sistah!

  5. Ang, you work looks better and better with every post! These bowls are going to be such a treat!!!

  6. hey Judi!!! thanks darl :))

    trace mate...shucks!!! thank you both, its a great boost to see other peeps lovin the shino as much as I do :))