Monday, 26 September 2011

slippety slip slop...

The workshop on Saturday went down a treat the only part of videoing that the peeps wanted to see more of was Hannah's Platter slip decorating....
unfortunately my flip decided to flip out and didn't record the enormous platter at the Cape Cod workshop...which was an amazing piece!! so I only have stills...

So I got the universal remote to tune in to the TV and we now have a vid channel on the old box woohoo!! only took me and hour to tune the beast in :P

I had prepped plenty of pots and slip in the week prior so the day ran pretty smoothly after sussing out thickness of the slip issues....The slip trailing was a hit so most of the deco that will come out of the kiln will consist of that...I really enjoyed doing finger wipes and marking the wet slip with I have a few of those plus the old black over white pours...mmmm

I think a couple of things have cracks in them prob from messing with them too much it's a do the marks and leave the pots alone process really...

The weather was great on saturday quite cool and really good for slip trailing into wet slip, I think the warmer months will be no good for this process unless we have some humid days..otherwise spring activity it will be... we have a good size turn out about a dozen of us and a great lunch spread and plenty of time to thanks to everyone that made this day a success!! 

the next workshop is a printing one see you in november for that one...

where to start!!!

nice start to the marbling

sandy started us all going dotty

judiths sliptrailing
annas slip trailing

alis kingfisher

sallys houses

belindas slip trailing

pam about to do surgery

a couple of my dotty pieces


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed trying out the slip without all the effort of making the slip. Well done Ang!

  2. Well done Ang, it was lots of fun!

  3. Great pictures as always Ang.Glad it went well.

  4. What fun! Looks like you are working with dark and white CHOCOLATE!! mmmmm :)

  5. Wow, Wow, Wow..... I love the new look to your bloggie! I have been so behind, and I am now just cruising from blog to blog to see what I’ve missed over the summer. The workshop looks great. I wish I could have been there.

  6. well done judith, it will be nice to see all the work fired up and see the results..

    hey trace cool eh!!! hey looked like chockie houses good enough to eat!!!

    so glad you came up ali!!! firing this week..

    cheers dennis!!

    hey cindy, yeh indeed so yummy looking..

    hi connie, well helps to have a couple of good firings and new pots to show off eh :P.. well you have been busy!! would love to have you anytime :)) a bit of distance to travel though...

  7. was a good first effort by the crew mr fitch...