Thursday, 3 March 2011

more workin...

A lil attempt at slipping these accidental TC platters, I say attempt coz it's been a long time coming... the slips have been mixed for ages and quite possibly had the slip too thick I'm still getting a feel for this and will def make thicker pieces next time I have a go......
hmmm one casualty and wont know til tomorrow if they survive i saw a rim crack today that I've smoothed and compressed...only time will tell really.. I feel they are a bit thin to take the slip treatment and if they survive, these will get a bit of scraffito action maybe tomorrow...

And a quick kiln face lift yesterday and today.. with some improvising as i ran out of buttons to hold the fibre in place with a few 1" props..
So just getting the door and flue back in place and I'm ready to go...woohoo!!

Finished this guy today too with some porcelain slip work and some mark for the slow dry and mixing up some ash glaze :))
 On completion it was 50cm H x 46cm W


  1. Oh boy - 'fun with slip' huh? Hope you get lots of good ones out of that new spruced up kiln!

  2. too bad about the casualties, that trial and error thing. 50cm, that's a big one... i tried to convert to inches in my head and just rounded it off to around 20 inches

  3. hi judy... I know quite the learning curve especially with forms the size :)) and hopefully less heat loss with a new internal layer for my kiln..

    mornin jim, yeh getting to be my thing but i am getting heaps of throwing practise!! yep you got it 2.5cm = 1 inch its the height of the club kiln :P made to fit really tightly :))