Sunday, 9 January 2011

plates, platters and bugs...

A quick vid of this weeks trails.... the platters are firing today 2 kiln loads again and double checking the temp with cones 5,6&7 in both kilns....also testing slumping on some MFQ clay i found some in the back of the fridge :P

I'll be lil birdie printing today and i made a new roller with the hot glue gun.. i rather like the chunky lines and the variety in them too.. so printing and playing in general... after all it is January..

And post the home make over..... not really much left in the tank, so a firing day and general clean up is in order me thinks.....did ya like the locusts?? i remember back in the late 70's we had a locust plague and as kids we used to go out the front of our house with tennis racquets for a little sport :P it's not quite that bad at the mo but the reserves are covered in them...anyhoo back to the cleaning up and back to work tomorrow :)


  1. great pieces,and I can see you have been very busy,looking forward to seeing the finished pieces.
    The hot glue gun is a great idea,I did this a few years ago on rolling pins and found it worked well for me,hope to catch up soon.

  2. ahhh busy all day!! thought you might come clubbing today.. :)) class starts this tuesday... seeya soon